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evitea® Fatburner Capsules

The careful combination of natural ingredients gives you an energy boost and helps you achieve your goals by stimulating your metabolism and fat burning in your body.


Not feeling so well in your own body? One roll too much here, your favorite throusers don’t fit anymore? Don’t worry, you are not alone and  evitea Fatburner can help you achieve your dream figure and go back to feeling good!

Are you overweight?

Whether someone has normal weight or is already overweight, can be determined by the body mass index (BMI). This describes the ratio of height to body weight. Specifically, the BMI is calculated using a simple formula:

Weight in kg

(Height in m) ²

Let’s take an example: Mandy is 1,60m tall and weighs 66kg. So her BMI value would be 66 / (1.60) ² = 26.2.

Based on the following , she is in the base of the „overweight“ category and can achieve her ideal weight by changing her habits and the help of the evitea fat burner


The World Health Organization (WHO) roughly divides adult BMI scores into different weight categories:


Even if we often do not want to admit it, without a healthy and balanced diet, we can not lose weight. But don’t immediately ban all the food that you like! Just start slowly to change your diet gradually. Start by cooking with natural ingredients and try new recipes. Take the fresh food to the office as well. In addition, make sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and do avoid fried food… It only tastes good for a short time anyway, right? It is important that you rely on natural ingredients and not on ready-to-eat products. Your body will pay you back for your effort with high interest.

 Do you need inspiration? Here you will find delicious and healthy recipes under 500 kcal!


We cannot get around this important point either.

Try to find a sport that you enjoy. This makes things much easier. A sports partner can also help you to be motivated and to stay. Sport stimulates the metabolism and thus the fat burning. Also pay attention to your daily exercise. Instead of driving by car, you could just walk or walk around the block during your lunch break. Here you will find more Sport recommendations!


A well-functioning metabolism is an indispensable prerequisite for losing weight. Stimulating your metabolism throughout your day plays an important role. More exercise in your daily routine in combination with a smart diet rich in protein, vitamin and fiber are the building blocks to diet success. Our evitea Fatburer, with its careful combination of natural ingredients, gives you an energy boost and helps you achieve your goals by stimulating your metabolism and burning body fat. 


evitea® Fatburner Capsules help you to reach your weight-loss goals. From a carefully  blend of natural ingredients such as green tea, nettle, green oat and caffeine, which provide energy, stimulate metabolism and fat burning, enhance nutrient processing and  contribute to your general well-being. They are a sure step on the path to weight-loss success a through a diet.

The main ingredients of Evitea Fatburner are:

Green Tee

Green tea, with its ingredients such as catechins (especially EC, EGC, ECG, EGCG), supports the fat-burning process in your body and slows down the release of carbohydrates. The fat intake in the stomach and intestine is reduced. Certain lipase activities are as well inhibited. The energy balance is increased because the metabolism is stimulated. The bitter substances in the green tea reduces the desire to consume sugar. These substances are also beneficial for the liver function. Green tea also reduces appetite. The EGCG contained in green tea, for example, is beneficial for the hormone balance of the body in estrogen dominance.

Green Oats

Green oats contain carbohydrates, flavonoids, flavonolignans, steroid saponins A and B, vitamins and minerals such as silicic acid, iron, manganese and zinc. The green oats in the evitea Fatburner have a diuretic effect. The carbohydrates contained therein lend a long satiety and also stimulate digestion.


Nettles contain many important ingredients that are normally not supplied to the body in the right amount during a diet. These include folic acid and iron for blood formation, silicic acid for the health of hair and nails, but also flavonoids such as rutin, organic acids such as Kafeoyläpfelsäure, essential oil, vitamins C, B and K, steroids and the minerals potassium and calcium.

The metabolism-stimulating properties of the nettle are particularly beneficial for weight loss, while the vitamins and minerals benefit your general health.


Caffeine is a purine alkaloid and is contained in tea bushes, coffee bushes, kola nut and mate shrub. It acts as a stimulant on the central nervous system and thereby influences many functions of the body such as fat burning and the ability to concentrate.  It supports your weight loss process through the stimulation of the digestion and its diuretic effect.

In addition to this, caffeine gives the body a shot of energy which is normally lower  during hypocaloric diets.


Take one capsule with sufficient water 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch.

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